Express VPN Review 2016

Express VPN Review – Vital Aspects To Know!

When it comes to discussing about express VPN review, there are a few essential aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Express VPN  allows small businesses to acquire excellent level of security. It is becoming increasingly important, and there is a great deal of competition in the VPN market.

One of the biggest concerns for most online businesses is having their information intercepted during transmission. This includes instant messages, emails, webpage, and all forms of online communication. In order to reduce this risk, companies are using bestvpncanada technology to ensure that they are providing their customers and businesses with sufficient amount of safety and security.

VPN currently being widely used for streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO among others

Express VPN

In order to make communication completely secure, it is important to ensure that anyone who tries to intercept it will not know what to make of it. This is exactly where the concept of encryption comes into play. Digital encryption is fairly similar to writing a message in code, except the fact that it possesses all the complexity and strength that can be produced by a computer’s ability to perform encryption. These encryption codes are extremely powerful. Until the advent of computer technology, there was actually no type of human code that acquired this level of security.


VPN services enable small businesses to get this type of security that may have cost them more than their annual budgets before the advent of computers. The security offered by VPN is simply brilliant. By using such services, businesses can be certain of the fact they are not falling a prey to the identity theft.

Express VPN offers a variety of VPN networks, like PPTP, VPN SSL, and others. It offers customers a range of options to choose from when they sign up for the service. Thus, it can be said that Express VPN is an incredible solution for small businesses who are concerned about the security of their confidential information and data.

Private Internet Access to Unlock US Netflix 2017

Private Internet Access VPN Review

the right VPN provider for Netflix for your needs can be a bother. Considering that the competition in this field is so fierce, it’s easy to choose the wrong option and end up having to deal with unresponsive servers. That’s why we’ve done some research for you! After looking into various VPN services, there is one name that stands out – Private Internet Access.


Private Internet Access offer three payment plans: monthly ($6.95), six-monthly ($35.95) and yearly ($39.95). As you can see, these prices are very affordable when compared to most other VPN providers. There is no free trial, but they do offer a 7-day money back guarantee. Payment options are plentiful, and users can even choose to remain completely anonymous by paying via Bitcoin.

The interface is minimalist and very user-friendly. The easy way to tell if you’re using the service is to look at the systray icon, which glows green if connected, red if not connected or grey if the software is still establishing connection. Everything else you need to know, including the server list, can be accessed by right-clicking on the icon.

Multi-device support is fairly common nowadays, and Private Internet Access doesn’t disappoint in this regard; other than by using the Windows client, users can also connect via Android, Mac or iOS. Another useful feature is the VPN Kill Switch, which automatically disables the connection if the software stops working. This option can be turned on or off in the settings.

VPN Review

As with most other paid VPN services, the performance is very consistent. DNS and IP checks were fine, and the network speed test showed no signs of lag or slow load times. Considering that the software uses bandwidth compression, you shouldn’t be surprised if you experience higher speeds while the service is turned on.


To sum up, the core service on offer here is great, and the extra features are just a cherry on top. When you add the cheap pricing into the mix, it becomes obvious that Private Internet Access ticks all the right boxes. Absolutely recommended!