Features cloud hosting

Internet is now the largest source of information that the world has ever had, in fact, it is said that every day hundreds of new websites are created with potentially useful content for users. And it is precisely where hosting companies come into play, offering the hosting service that today makes it possible for millions of web sites and online applications remain silent. All technological infrastructure that many people still unknown.

Before you can understand what is cloud hosting and its features, you need to have clear what the real work of a hosting. Think of a hosting like a big residential building, where many people rent or buy one or more rooms to stay indefinitely, the same with the hosting! What customers rent one or more web servers to host their websites or online applications, physically. Now, what you are then a cloud hosting? We will explain quickly, sure you’ll understand.


Cloud hosting and its features

While cloud hosting service has become very popular in recent years, it is important to clarify the existence of existing basic services such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting or even VPS hosting that although essentially meet the same function hosting have their obvious differences. So what is cloud hosting and what are its characteristics?

For several years the cloud computing is among us, giving definite step to what we know today as cloud hosting or cloud hosting, which is nothing more than a web hosting service that is based on the use of multiple redundant connections between multiple servers providing high scalability of customer service, among many other things. The fundamental characteristic of a cloud hosting defines it as the type of accommodation that does not depend exclusively on a single hardware, a single server, but is intertwined through numerous teams providing a higher level of availability even failsafe! The opposite occurs in a VPS, dedicated or shared common types of non-redundant hosting that therefore rely on a single physical hardware infrastructure.


● relatively high prices
● High availability. A cloud server is fault tolerant, not a VPS or dedicated traditional.
● Using real-guaranteed resources, such as RAM or CPU usage.
● Increased scalability, instant expansion of resources without intervening active system.
● In cloud hosting client is billed based on actual usage of resources.
● dedicated IP addresses.

As you’ve probably come to realize, the use of a cloud server, such as a VPS cloud, ensures a high level of availability because unlike a dedicated or traditional VPS, will not succumb to a hardware failure due to multiple redundant links . Perfect for web projects in critical or high volume of visits.

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