Get the Best VPN in China from Canada

Looking to bypass internet censorship? Are you in China and trying to beat the Great Firewall? Are you trying to find the best VPN in China? So are you and many expats, travelers, businessmen, and Chinese people who just want to see what their friends are doing on Facebook, watch some videos on Youtube, or catch up on world news without running into blocked pages all over the place. That’s right, the wall was created to prevent people from rebellion, insurgence, and undermining the government, but the result is that it just makes us harder to poke our friends or find out about what going on with whatever recent elections. Google pics and Wikipedia are slow and, well, for those of us located inside the wall, you know how it is. So the next question is – how does one go about bypassing internet censorship?

People will find a way, especially for those of us trying to download torrents or catch up on the latest…well, you can see the latest everything.

Here’s the deal. In order to bypass internet censorship, more and more people are turning to VPNs. The information you send and receive uses an IP address, and that can be tracked. When you try to access a blocked site, the firewall notices that you are within its jurisdiction and shuts you down. Well the site anyway. So a VPN (Virtual Private Network) uses an IP address from somewhere else. It packages the info into a secret box (not really, but go with me), sends it to another address, and opens in there before it sends it back to you. This way, it’s opened on the other side of the firewall, and you can view any webpage you want. Lots of people are turning to VPN not just to bypass internet censorship in China, but also for bypassing internet censorship and tunneling through firewalls of other countries like the UAE, Thailand, and Singapore. Students and workers who are allowed limited internet access at their place of work or study are also beginning to use VPN to well, screw around when they should be doing something else. I’m not judging, but you know…

So now that you know about VPNs, how do you know if you want one? Are there any free ones? How do you know what the vpn canada is? Well, to answer the first question, you’ve got to consider what you want to do vs. cost vs. time. If you’re trying to access outside new about China and can’t get on to you’re favorite news site…how much time do you want to spend looking for a site that hasn’t been blocked yet? Do you run into this problem a lot? If you’re living in China for a period of time, how often do you want to catch up with friends on Facebook or MySpace? Are you traveling and need to get those pics uploaded to Picasa? Is it worth a half hour to an hour scouring the net trying to bypass internet censorship? Do you really want to rack your head about what the best VPN in China is?

There are free VPNs available for bypassing internet censorship, but you know the saying, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. They’re free so many people use them. Because many people use them they’re slow and they get shut down. Many sites claiming the ability to bypass internet censorship are shut down quickly. You can do a search for free access to VPNs or proxies and if the comments are more than a few months old you’ll find that the links are dead. So you’re left with paying for a VPN. But it’s not that bad, in fact it turns out that the best VPN in China is also the cheapest. There are a lot of options out there and I was overwhelmed at first spending day in day out looking for inexpensive and reliable services. After reading review after review about bypassing internet censorship, I finally decided on 12vpn. I read some good reviews about the speed and price and I’ve never gone regretted my decision. It’s fast, reliable, cheap and truly the best VPN in China. I can’t notice a speed different from my normal internet speed and sometimes I swear it’s faster. I’ve never been cut off like I was with and guess what? It’s less than three dollars a month. That’s right, for 30 dollars you get access to all you favorite sites for a year! Its super easy to set up and you can be surfing freedom wave in just minutes after signing up. Give it a try.